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Why you take your Trading Platform from World Group Solutions?


Why keep money sitting idle in banks? Now with quant trading, one can grow their money in the broker's account without any time involvement and skills.

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Why keep your unused working capital in bank idle? Most importantly businesses can have a Passive income and continue growing.

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Manage your multiple clients account with one time configuration depending on your clients need. Cloud enabled features to manage...

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Manage your multiple strategies. Which might include Pop Trading, Swing Trading or Intraday. Or build own strategy with various permutation and...

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Try on Simulation with Paper Money to Gain confidence. Guaranteed anyone would get addicted. Open an account with Interactive Broker and ask them for Simulated (Paper) Account. You don’t lose a dime to try it.

About Our Company

World Group Solutions LLC incorporated in the year 2001. It’s an IT company with the focus for the last 15 years in the area of Artificial and Machine Learning Intelligence. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are where all industries are heading today be it Automobile, Airlines, Medical and also in Finance. We focused on our research with machine learning intelligence in the areas of Finance specializing in the Equity market. Many more capabilities with artificial intelligence are coming up in various industries across the world where millions are poured into research to get there.

Need Consulting Service?


Our consultancy and IT services can be offered to firms who are using brokers having API Integration capabillities.

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